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2007-11-08 09:50:12 by Maddrap

The YouTube is a web is for video and that I copy all the Video. Because I waht to put in to my
Flash 8 and when I mak is done so I send on newgrounds and all the people in Newgrounds.
so the people can watch on my Flash Video or a Movie but if you have been on be for
and even is going to be a funny clip Video. and I waht you people all

( Please Do Not Tell Me To Stop Send The Newgrounds On YouTube Video. Because if you don't
like my FLASH VIDEO and If your going to p@#% me off but I'll send it to you. )

This is The


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2007-11-23 23:04:21

Why cant i send you pms?


2007-11-23 23:12:55

Now i saw the video!
That kid was screaming like they were killing him or something!

Maddrap responds:

You See that is angry german kid on video. but I'll to mak in flash and I'll mak that
flash movie video on angry kid then you'll see on newgrounds in Flash Portal.
So will you really like it.